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Using different practices (performances and installations, participatory acts, workshops, texts, blogging, drawings etc.) i am seeking to explore the limits of creative and intellectual research and their interference with the everyday. I am interested in thinking of the frenetic flow of images, videos, texts and hypertexts, the internet memes and the ‘naïve’ internet art with reference or in juxtaposition to the traditional relationships, interactions and collaborations of subjects in the ‘real’ world, as well as to the ‘official art’ as promoted by the centres where art has been traditionally produced and exchanged. What intrigues me is the entanglement of these different spaces and the adventures resulting from such an entanglement for a form or an idea.
I am fascinated by the undefined and in-between spaces, the hybrid and utopian negotiations, while I am amused when I realise that all this, like anything else, has no or minimal consequences nowadays. I am interested in a concept when I see it as something connecting art with different areas of human creativity and with life itself.
I could consider art anything that is exchanged in a mapped form, whether this is the notes of an anthropologist, a medieval intrigue, the mapping of a historical battle, or a supermarket shopping list.
I like to think that art, science and philosophy, will cease to exist as concrete directions and that we will soon need new concepts and new categorizations as far as the creative, investigative, or reflective practice is concerned. 
Until that happens, I will try to work towards this direction.


Panos Sklavenitis was born and brought up in Ulysses’ island, Ithaka. That’s why he knows the Greek sun and the Greek sea very well. When he was little he attended PIKPA primary school, known, amongst other, for offering education to kids with special needs. Until very recently Sklavenitis didn’t know that PIKPA was such an institution.
As the artists of the Russian avant-guard Sklavenitis served for many years the applied arts as a graphic designer, until he decided that fine arts is also ok. He is interested in masquerade, satire, overidentification and performative methods. He is closely collaborating with anthropologists and archeologists in order to study how subjects opperate in the culture industry and other civilized subjects. Sklavenitis is an experienced teacher, as for many years now makes his living as a drawing teacher. He frequently uses his students in his projects.


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