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The sportsman

Me and the sports have interrupted any sort of contact since I was 13 years old. Being now 41 years old, 113 kilos, completely untrained and a vapor maniac (until some years ago I was smoking 3 packets of cigarettes per day), I thought that reflating our relationship would be of my own convenience. More than 6 months ago I stopped vaping, I followed a relatively healthy diet and started investigating all over for finding and taking the stab at more than 40 different sports. Whilst exercising I was taking pictures (I also photographed the sports I didn't tried) for creating an archive of thousand of photos recording the aspects of sports in Athens. Today according a high accuracy weight scale I lost exactly 23 kilos.

The footvolley (The answer to the usual question 'which is your favorite sport?').

So far The Sportsman has been presented in the context of the group show Homo Sportivus at The House of Cyprus, Athens, Greece, 2018 (curated by K. Argianas).