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The poem begins with the unloving sun

DV, 7 min 55 sec, 2015

In recent years, I have thoroughly read readers' comments on published articles relating directly or indirectly to racism, discrimination, xenophobia et cetera. While I am selecting websites without visible nationalistic orientation for this informal survey, my first conclusion -which I guess will unfortunately not cause any surprise- is the tremendous boom of unprecedented racist (lack of) reasoning, which now appears to be entirely legitimized, in contrast to, say, ten years ago. For the 'Daysign / Narratives around the Greek sun' I decided to 'construct' the comments I will be reading myself.

I contacted LIFO editor Aris Dimokidis to write a provocative article on the Greek sun. I used a couple of examples and suggested that he improvise. One example entailed a German politician making a statement along the lines of "Greeks can put their sun where it doesn't shine". 
Aris gladly responded and thus emerged the following April Fools article in LIFO:
The article provoked strong reactions, was commented on and shared much among social networks, and was reproduced over the next few days by a range of nationalistic publications as real news.
'The poem begins with the unloving sun' is a work in progress, which so far consists of the aforementioned action, the lecture performance 'Who's the sailor now', the action 'Daysign / Gerxit - Did you mean: grexit'  and this video, in which the choreographer and dancer Medie Megas performs a compilation of texts consisting mainly of readers' comments on the LIFO article.
I thank Aris Dimokidis, the LIFO team, choreographer Medie Megas and visual artist Io Chaviara for their valuable help.


ACTOPOLIS PRODUCTION LAB II, Former Kaufhof building, Oberhausen, Germany, 28-29/09/2015. Devised by: Katja Aßmann, Angelika Fitz. Organised by: Urbane Künste Ruhr and Goethe-Institut.
4th Moscow Curatorial Summer School, during the launch of the zine ‘What is a Turn?’, Moscow, June 2015. Screening initiated by Mateusz Sapija.
'Invisible governments: "Gnosis" as a state of the self', Circuits and Currents, Athens, June 2015. Curated by Kostis Stafylakis.
'Netting the work - Athens', Beton 7-Arts, June 23, 2015. Curated by Eva Giannakopoulou and Rilène Markopoulou.
'1st ASFA BBQ - Bodies that resist' Performance Art Meeting, Athens School of Fine Arts, June 1- June 14, 2015
'Daysign | Narratives around the Greek sun' workshop, Athens, March 31, April 7, 2015. Coordination: Panos Sklavenitis.

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