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Temporary Academy of Arts | Peristeri

Participatory action, Athens, Greece, 2014.

The Temporary Academy of Arts for professional and amateur education is a mobile academy of arts and at the same time an art project of experimental education which offers higher art studies in areas where there is an interest for alternative, experimental and self-organised education of applied and fine arts. For the period of two weeks, from 29 September to 12 October the Temporary Academy of Arts with the support of NEON organization will offer an intensive art course in Peristeri. The curriculum includes design, sculpture, dance, theory organized by renowned professionals, artists and theoreticians. The Academy is working upon different antagonistic inter se educational, artistic and social models.

The artists Nikos Arvanitis, Media Mega and Panos Sklavenitis are heads of the Sculpture, Dance and Design Ateliers, the theoreticians Glyceria Stathopoulou and Elpida Rikou are student consultants and filmmaker Constantinos Hadjinikolaou is responsible for the film program. The program also includes a series of lectures, readings and workshops open to the public offered by distinguished artists and theoreticians.
Curator: Elpida Karaba.

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