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shARe fix

Geo based augmented reality installation, kallirrois st., building of Fix, Athens, 2012

The project "shARe fix" was held in June 2012, in Athens, Greece.
It is the result of the collaboration between George Bobetsis, Babis Korovesis and Panos Sklavenitis within the framework of the "Master in Digital Arts" in ASFA.
The dynamics of this given project is mainly focused on the ability to intervene, without any authorization or approval, the public space and the visual, conceptual or symbolic understanding of the building that is to be the permanent home of the future National Museum of Contemporary Art. The aim is to serve as an example, the contents of the installation would not play a decisive role nor would have no particular importance in this direction (the exemplary digital appropriation of public space and to overcome the institutional limits that entail), we could install a lot of different things.
We commissioned the theme choice of the installation to Anna, the lady running a stand on Kallirois Street, opposite Fix, who asked to see a "summer scene with sea, gulls and cheerful colors."

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