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I Do That I Do

Yiannis Mouravas, Thalia Raftopoulou, Panos Sklavenitis

11- 16. 12. 2011 - One week residency at Embros theatre building, Athens.

The starting point for the action I do that I do was the work Screen by Panos Sklavenitis, which was presented in 2009 at the Mirar Sinan University in Instanbul. 
This action is the first of a series towards the examination of the creative process and its self-representation. Being based on the modes of function of an apparatus [input - process surface - output] we use this schema as a route that could define the way that we move from one phase to another. There is a 'material' analogy of this schema to each of the different phases. At this first phase the apparatus came into operation by improvising on the surface of the canvas while using different things as inputs and outputs (seasonal material, fruit, projected images, voices, samples etc.)

We worked with the canvases that were being used as theatrical scenery models for the theatrical play MESA by D. Papaioannou, thus utilizing the function of a sideline as a main element for the creation of new work.
A succession of improvisational interventions of ours and of guest artists on a series of canvases on a back lit ramp comprised the main action. In parallel to that, a series of more brief actions took place. The last day of the residency the documentation of the actions and constructions were presented. After the end of the residency we transferred the canvases at the school of fine arts so that they could be re-used for the creation of new artwork, applying the same thinking of re-using the sideline for the creation of new work.

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