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How to be seen (and heard)

Video installation and performance, MM centre, Zagreb, Croatia, 2017

In the context of Temporary Academy of Arts curated by Elpida Karaba and Glykeria Stathopoulou and the Actopolis Zagreb exhibition, curated by Ana Dana Beroš.


'Our exhibition never wanted to represent the Athenian art scene. Others are supposed to do that. If people do not feel so represented here, then they should think about why they are not heard.'

Excerpt from an interview with the artistic director of documenta 14 (Deutschlandfunk Kultur, May 14, 2017).


Monty Python and Hito Steyerl taught us how not to be seen.
As if we didn't already know that.
I'll try the opposite: a self-promoting, self-portrait video.
A member of the Athenian art scene trying to be seen and heard.
In an empty cinema hall in Zagreb.

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