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Donkey Dream

Video, dur: 4:07, 2020

The donkey of Sancho Panza speaks, who has no name of his own:
I dream of a big animal, which does not yet exist.
Let's say, something along the lines of a horse - Komodo dragon hybrid.
Its figure is more equine, but with a thicker torso, shorter legs, a short neck and a bigger head.
Its snout resembles the Komodo’s and so do its teeth.
It creeps forward slowly, slower than a horse, but then darts ahead suddenly, like a lizard.
Its skin is thin and rough like a toad’s but phosphorous green,
iridescent, with little black spots.
He lives freely in a swamp.
On the horizon, behind him, a wildfire spreads.
Donkey dream was created in November 2020, during the second lockdown in Athens.

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