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Participatory action in the context of #poemokratia by Academia Romantica.
May 7, 2023, Sozopolis, Athens

Panos Sklavenitis & Sozopolis

Participants: Eva Koliopantou, Markella Ksilogiannopoulou, Stefanos Chandelis, Dimitris Ameladiotis, Katerina Kalentzi, Argyris Marinis, Anthi Daferera, Nicholas Gogos, Greg Zerkos, Soffia Loukeri, Anna Polychroni, Leonidas Chris, Fay Skardi

The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary is a legendary zoophyte of Central Asia, once believed to grow sheep as its fruit. It was believed the sheep were connected to the plant by an umbilical cord and grazed the land around the plant.
The zoophyte was constructed in a few hours, collectively, during the Borametz workshop and was later presented to the public in a ceremony with chants and songs, outside the Sozopolis site. Borametz was celebrated as a new resident and at the same time a new monument of Poemocracy, the utopian year of 2088.

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