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A kind of Venice

Performance, ISET, Athens, March 17, 2018. 
In the context of the Condensation Cube Project by Vassilis Vlastaras, curated by Kostis Stafylakis and Charis Kanellopoulou.
Performed by Aspa Giannoulaki, Katerina Ioannou, Thodoris Kakitsos, katerina Lebidara, Egisto Pesole, Nikos Polymenakos, Rebecca Rendina.

On the veranda of Hotel de Bains, street musicians perform a humorous song, while making vulgar gestures and mocking the crowd. As the song intensifies, reaching its crescendo, the performance grows more violent. At its apex, the singer now insults his audience, while laughing hysterically with irrational and infectious joy; paralleled by the disease he is carrying but trying to conceal. He does not simply hide the cholera epidemic that has taken over the city, like everyone else. He is trying to exorcise it. Or praise it.
The performance "A kind of Venice" can be interpreted as a few-minute takeover of 'Condensation Cube' via an uncommon reenactment of the scene described above, from the film 'Death in Venice' by Luchino Visconti.

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